IB Online Speaking Test

Question bank customized for 2020 IBDP individual oral test

600+ questions with reference answers, covering five big themes and 30+ subtopics

The most practical tool for anyone who wants to improve their Chinese speaking skills

Assign tasks and score points online with one click

The Most Updated IBDP Individual Oral Question Bank

Preparing Ab/SL/HL Students For Oral Exams by Building Confidence!

  This huge question bank is tailored for the following groups  

IBDP Teachers

IB students across Mandarin Ab Initio, Chinese B Standard Level (BSL) and Chinese B Higher Level (BHL) groups

All second language learners who are nervous about speaking Chinese

Anyone who is looking for the most efficient tool to practice speaking

Anyone who is not sure how to use the 2020 new IB syllabus to prepare for the coming oral test
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iChineseReader’s 57+ sets of IBDP Individual Oral Questions
will help fully prepare IB students to succeed in the forthcoming exams! With recording & redo function, students can improve oral skills efficiently by continually practicing. Learning from the Reference Answers, students can respond to questions comprehensively with their own opinions and personal experiences.
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In BSL and Ab Initio groups,
each reference answer is divided into two levels—basic answers and challenging answers. Students can improve oral response skills dramatically by imitating the reference answer and creating their own response. Also, learning how to use the basic idioms and conjunctions from the reference answer, students can use simpler words to answer questions more fluently.
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This oral question bank is also inspiring for teachers
who struggle with questions about details of new IB syllabus, such as “what questions can be asked for the five major themes”.
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We picked the most important sub-topics within IBDP’s five major themes.
They are not only helpful for oral skills, but also useful for improving students’ writing, reading and listening skills, after they get familiar with the questions.
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For HL group students,
they will learn how to use their own language to discuss abstract concepts.
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Plus, students will receive a quick feedback and complete oral skill analysis.
The scoring standard we use is closely integrated with the new 2020 IB syllabus, which also gives teachers an opportunity to get familiar with the A-B1-B2-C criterions.