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The readers in this section are pulled from the hundreds of iChineseReader titles that correlate to the six underpinning transdisciplinary themes of the International Baccalaureate curriculum (IB). These readers not only help students improve their Chinese language efficiency levels, but also nurture in them a global perspective. They grow in understanding and appreciation of different cultures and points of view.


iChineseReader — Tailor-made for IB Chinese Students and Teachers

Currently carrying 3000+ interactive and inquiry-based e-books placed at 20 different proficiency levels and covering all content areas by IB outline provisions, iChineseReader is a perfect integration of the teaching of language with the teaching of curriculum contents.

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1200+ high quality graded interactive e-books are tailored to IB Chinese projects, covering and integrating all content areas and learning points of PYP, MYP and IBDP curricular

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An innovative 20 proficiency level grading system accommodates the latest academic achievements in L2 Chinese learning and linguistic research and confirms to NCSSFL-ACTFL Can-Do Statement, CCSS for ELA, HSK and YCT standards

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3000+ e-books, on over 60 themes, across language arts, sociology, mathematics, arts, science, information technology, physical education, and life skills, offer an intercultural and interdisciplinary perspective which supports inquiry-based learning

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State of the art technology enables interactive self-paced reading 24/7 anywhere, on any device, adding greater flexibility, control and differentiated delivery of content for students and teachers alike

  PYP Books Highlights

  •   Fits PYP curriculum structure
  •   Interdisciplinary
  •   Cover six major themes
  •   Help to explore the project
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Who We Are
Where We Are in Place & Time How We Express Ourselves How the World Works How We Organize Ourselves Sharing the Planet
Personal Attributes Time Recognition (Numbers, Daily Routine, etc.) Personal Appearance (Body Parts, Clothes, etc.) Climate (Weather & Seasons, etc.) Education (School & Courses, etc.) Wild Animals & Pets
Personal Relationships Location & Orientation Artistic Expressions Natural World (Colors, Natural Disaster, etc.) The Workplace Life & Habitats
Emotional & Health Home (House & Rooms) Hobbies & Sports Physical & Chemical World Neighborhood The Environment
Eating & Drinking Life Stories Folktales & Stories Communication & Media Countries & Government Physical Geography
Beliefs & Values Migration Festivals & Traditions Transport Production & Shopping Global Issues
  •   Created by experienced teachers around the world.
  •   Language Rating - whether you are a teacher, parent or student, on iChineseReader platform, you can find PYP books that suit your age (K to Y6) and language level.
  •   The pictures are exquisite, the content is interesting, and there are interactive functions (you can record, write, draw, do quizzes, or play puzzle games), allowing readers to improve their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills while enjoying reading e-books.
  •   Achieving differentiated teaching & learning in one book.
  •   Very practical search feature, you can select books by theme, or topic, or keywords.
  •   Quizzes are included with each book, covering 15 skill points required in ACTFL standards and English Language Arts & Literacy Common Core Standards.
  •   Students earn points by reading books and winning quizzes, which can be redeemed for games.
  •   Keep track of students’ progress and learning habits.

  PYP Unit Examples

iChineseReader creates comprehensive assessment reports, which visually demonstrate a student’s improvement and study habits. Easily maintain data to report to the school or to parents about children’s progress, maintain convincing, quantitative proof of teachers’ or schools’ effectiveness in teaching.

Greetings Zodiac Animals Birthday Numbers Festivals & Traditions Chinese New Year
Family Countries Homes Transportation Animals School Life
Relationships Body Parts Clothing Stationery Time Healthy Lifestyle
Animals Migration (Family) Hobbies Food Seasons & Weather Community
Food Natural World Seasons & Weather Transportation Countries School
Get to Know California Occupations Illnesses PYP Exhibitions Festivals & Celebrations Inventions

Interactive e-Book + Lesson Plan

Our new PYP series is created by experienced teachers from many PYP schools around the world. The high quality book content is closely combined with the classroom practice. Each book contains lesson guidelines and class activities, providing timeless teaching resources.

这是什么鬼 What Kind of Creature Is This
book cover
book cover

A boy accidentally arrived at a new planet and met many aliens. They all have pets ...

PYP Theme:Who We Are
Central idea:  Our bodies are made up of many systems, each having an important function.
Topic Related:  Body Parts & Physical Health, Wild Animals & Pets

Writer: Natasha Yuan, experienced PYP teacher in Hong Kong

John Doe
挑食的国王 Picky King
book cover
book cover

There is a country called "Wan Guo", where there is a picky king ...

PYP Theme:How We Organize Ourselves
Central idea: Our choices make a difference to our health and wellbeing.
Topic Related: Healthy Lifestyle, Food

Writer: Yuki Li, experienced PYP teacher in Singapore


tsdgw from CLERC@iChineseEdu on Vimeo.

  PYP中文推荐书目 (部分)
These are only partial lists of each themes


and more.....


and more.....


and more.....


and more.....


and more.....


and more.....

  MYP Books Highlights

  •   Interdisciplinary
  •   Covers global contexts in six areas
  •   Knowledge base is comprehensive
  •   Cross cultural
  •   Quizzes are included with each book, covering 15 skill points required under ACTFL standards and English Language Arts & Literacy Common Core Standards.
  •   Students earn points by reading books and winning quizzes, which can be redeemed for games.
  •   Keep track of students’ progress and learning habits.
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iChineseReader creates comprehensive assessment reports, which visually demonstrate a student’s improvement and study habits. Easily maintain data to report to the school or to parents about children’s progress, maintain convincing, quantitative proof of teachers’ or schools’ effectiveness in teaching.



MYP has 6 different phases for six different language level students, and just as PYP, we don’t have textbooks! Instead of seeking and collecting materials, is there a complete resource we can use for different level students?

iChineseReader’s books are all created by teachers with many years of experience, based on the MYP syllabus. Each student's language level is different. When students log into the platform initially, he or she will finish a pretest, which will assess the appropriate reading level. Teachers can manually adjust this level. For example: one student in your class may be a Phase 2 student, while some students may be suitable for reading Phase 5 books, while some are more suitable for Phase 3 books. Books are interdisciplinary and intercultural, but also include various genres (narratives, short stories, serial novels, emails and letters, etc.) Teachers can add the utilization of our books and quizzes as text books, review and assessment materials.


Most students have studied Chinese for six PYP years, why are the majority of these students still beginning learners?

PYP’s six years of study is the introduction of Mandarin Chinese. Students are introduced to the principles of character and phonetic (pinyin) writing, tones’ pronunciation, basic vocabulary, and some Chinese culture. Now, during MYP years, iChineseReader’s books will support their basic understanding and offer a more systematic form of second language acquisition.


I have never taught DP, but during the last two years of MYP, our school will have students taking the IGCSE exam in order to improve their language level through intensive practice. This puts pressure on both students and on teachers.

In the selection of content, iChineseReader’s books are designed from DP to MYP, from high to low grades, according to the IB outline. Our MYP books are not only conformed to the consistency of MYP across disciplines, but also carefully linked IGCSE and DP exams in content and difficulty. A comprehensive and in-depth book list will help relax teachers when preparing lessons and arranging assessments.


  Sample MYP curriculum outline

We have many books belonging to the "same topic, multi-angle" series. They are very practical in MYP class. For example, under a big theme of Relationships, PH1-2 students will learn Family Relationships, and PH3-4 students my learn the topic of My Community, while PH5-6 students may learn School Life & Matters. We have complete books to support all of these different sub-topics and language levels.

Global Contexts
Emergent (Phase1-2)
(Connecting to Ab Initio in DP)
Capable (Phase3-4)
(Connecting to BSL in DP)
Proficient (Phase5-6)
(Connecting to BSL & BHL in DP)
Identity & Relationship
Personal Attributes: Personal Details (Name, Age, Address, Nationality, etc); Clothing; Favorite Colors; Parts of the Body; Illness;… Personal Details: Appearance & Character; A Balanced Life; Fitness; Possible Injuries;… Autobiography; Self-identity; Native; Physical; Medicines & Prescriptions; Public Signs;。。。。
Personal relationships: Family Relationships (Peers & Friends);… Our School Life (academic subjects, CCA, students and teachers); My Community;… School Life & Matters; Regulations;。。。。
Personal Preferences: Food;… Eating and Drinking: Meals, Meal Times, Recipes, Diets, Preferences, Special Dishes; Types of Restaurants, Meals in a Restaurant; Reservations, Menus, Orders Food Stores;… Cultural diversity; Religion; Values;....
Orientation in Space & Time
Daily Routine & Time; School Calendar; Dates;… Geography; Traveling;… Autobiography; Legend; History;…
Rooms and Homes; Directions; Transportation; Public Transportation, Means of Transport;… My Neighborhood; Types of School, Classroom Materials; School Facility; Types of Room; Furniture;… Immigration; Study Abroad;…
Personal & Culture Expression
Life Experiences; Daily Routine; Hobbies; Life at Home; Household Tasks;… Types of Accommodations; Types of Destination;… Events; Life Stories;…
Leisure Activities;… Festivals and celebrations: Chinese New Year; Mid-Autumn Festival; Dragon Boat Festival; Tradition and Celebrations;… Customs and Traditions; Cultural Conflicts;…
Scientific & Technical Innovation
Telephone; Email;… The Media; Internet;… Social Media & Communication;…
Entertainment;… Movie; Music;… Media & Communication;…
Innovation e-Learning; Online Shopping Technology and Science Innovation
Globalization & Sustainability
Weather Forecast; Climate; Living Habitat Recycling, Environmental Protection, Current Weather Conditions, Seasons and Seasonal Events Global Issues: The Environment; Pollution; Population; Disaster
Fairness & Development
The workplace and Professional Careers; Jobs Pressure; Part-time Jobs; Work Experience; Future; Career; Ambitions Mental Well Being; Good Health; Career and Future Plan; Ecology; Charity and Challenge; World Issues:Emergency; Education; Teenager; Conflicts & peace; Human rights


  « 新中文小故事 »系列
  « YCT二级 »系列
  « 钟书语在中国 »系列
  « 汉语风 »全套

  MYP推荐书目 (部分)


and more.....


and more.....


and more.....


and more.....


and more.....


and more.....


  •   Scaffolding design--language difficulty is graded according to DP level, and book content is in line with the maturity of high school students.
  •   All books are tailed for different groups of IBDP Chinese candidates (Mandarin Ab Initio, Chinese B Standard Level, Chinese B Higher Level, and Chinese A1 & A2).
  •   Books and exams keep up to date with the latest DP exam outline--comprehensive theme coverage.
  •   Expandable exercises (listening, speaking, reading, writing)
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  Sample Books of Ab Initio Group

Identities Experiences Human Ingenuity Social Organization Sharing the Planet
Personal Attributes Daily Routine Transport Neighborhood Climate
Personal Relationships Leisure Entertainment Education Physical Geography
Eating & Drinking Holidays Media The Workplace The Environment
Physical Well-Being Festivals & Celebrations Technology Social Issues Global Issues

  Sample Books of Chinese BSL & BHL Group

Identities Experiences Human Ingenuity Social Organization Sharing the Planet
Lifestyles Leisure Activities Entertainment Social Relationships The Environment
Health & Well-Being Holidays & Travel Artistic Expressions Community Human Rights
Beliefs & Values Life Stories Communication & Media Social Engagement Peace & Conflict
Subcultures Rites & Passage Technology Education Equality
Language & Identity Customs & Traditions Scientific Innovation The Working World Globalization
Migration Law & Order Ethics
Urban & Rural Environment

The Most Updated IBDP Mock Exams-- Preparing Students For Coming Exams by Building Confidence!

The coming IBDP exam will be the first exam to apply the new syllabus to test papers- not only is it the first time in the exam’s history that Listening & Comprehension has been added to an off-campus assessment. But the requirements for Reading & Comprehension, Writing and Speaking tests have also changed a lot. Due to the impact of the epidemic, the 2020 May Exam was cancelled.

Are you concerned about the readiness of your students? Be at ease! iChineseReader’s 80+ sets of mock exam papers, designed and authored by a team of senior IBDP examiners and veteran IB teachers, will help fully prepare your students to succeed in the forthcoming exams!

Our IBDP mock exams will be prioritized and sequenced based on the actual exams. After high-quality and intensive practice, students will receive quick feedback and complete mock paper analysis. Students across Mandarin Ab Initio, Chinese B Standard Level (BSL) and Chinese B Higher Level (BHL) groups, will walk into the final examination room with confidence!



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Exact simulation of actual exam process: completing one test paper = participating in a real test

graphic graphic

Cross-cultural interdisciplinary materials: coverage of all 5 themes and 20 most commonly tested topics

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Most up-to-date contents: 3 listening comprehension passages in each exam paper increase progressively in language difficulty and complexity and are comprised of TOK and CAS elements

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Recording of the listening comprehension in different regional accents and situations conforming to requirements of the exam

graphic graphic

Free vocabulary and grammar points list to help students’ final “sprint” before the exam

Group & Exam Genre Topic
Ab 1 1. 广告
2. 对话
3. 视频
1. 香港公园植树日
2. 坐飞机还是坐高铁
3. 新加坡老巴刹美食
Ab 2 1. 广告
2. 对话
3. 公益广告
1. 香港音乐节
2. 病人和医生
3. 新加坡禁烟广告
Ab 3 1. 通知
2. 对话
3. 发言
1. 学校课外活动报名通知
2. 顾客和售货员
3. 夏令营饭菜安排
Ab 4 1. 对话
2. 对话
3. 广告
1. 订酒店
2. 香港宝翠园社区环境
3. 台湾清境农场
Ab 5 1. 过春节
2. 在北京
3. 商场
1. 香港音乐节
2. 病人和医生
3. 新加坡禁烟广告
Ab 6 1. 视频
2. 对话
3. 新闻
1. 香港学生的一天
2. 在新加坡租房
3. 台湾的夜市
Group & Exam Genre Topic
BSL 1 1. 发言
2. 采访
3. 采访
1. 介绍学校CAS周活动
2. 新加坡华语运动
3. 父母如何帮助孩子戒掉网瘾
BSL 2 1. 导游词
2. 发言
3. 采访
1. 香港中央图书馆导览
2. 李校长在学校禁手机讲话
3. 新加坡补习文化
BSL 3 1. 网页宣传
2. 广告
3. 采访
1. 台湾自行车环岛游
2. 新加坡邻里大使计划
3. 老外视频博主钟天谈拍视频
BSL 4 1. 视频
2. 新闻
3. 采访
1. 新加坡老巴刹美食
2. 香港儿童近视问题
3. 绿色环保过新年
BSL 5 1. 视频
2. 新闻
3. 采访
1. 台湾人年轻人如何过周末
2. 香港青少年缺乏睡眠
3. 海底捞无人餐厅
BSL 6 1. 新闻
2. 采访
3. 采访
1. 新加坡运动城介绍
2. 台湾新移民的语言课
3. 新加坡推广残疾人设施
BSL 7 1. 通知
2. 新闻
3. 纪录片
1. 野生动物夏令营通知
2. 台湾大学生艺术节活动
3. 新加坡水资源
BSL 8 1. 新闻
2. 新闻
3. 采访
1. 新加坡牛车水年货市场
2. 特斯拉车降价
3. 香港IB状元采访
BSL 9 1. 广告
2. 导游词
3. 采访
1. 自动炒菜机
2. 台北101
3. 李子柒访谈
BSL 10 1. 广告
2. 新闻专题报道
3. 采访
1. 高雄天下酒店广告
2. 中国新四大发明
3. 长寿老人谈健康
BSL 11 1. 对话
2. 新闻报道
3. 采访
1. 参观香港的新学校
2. 中国人过年的方式
3. 华裔青年谈身份认同及学中文
BSL 12 1. 新闻报道
2. 采访
3. 演讲
1. 华人地区年轻人最喜欢的职业
2. 年轻人的娱乐方式
3. 环保演讲
BSL 13 1. 新闻报道
2. 新闻报道
3. 采访
1. 香港小太阳夏令营饮食安排
2. 台湾地球日
3. 杭州老年大学
Group & Exam Genre Topic
BHL 1 1. 采访
2. 宣传片
3. 新闻报道
1. 老外网红视频博主钟天谈拍视频
2. 新加坡保护自然资源宣传片
3. 香港怪兽家长
BHL 2 1. 采访
2. 采访
3. 新闻报道
1. 自媒体人谈职业发展
2. 校园欺凌影片《少年的你》观后采访
3. 澳门可持续美食烹饪日
BHL 3 1. 视频
2. 采访
3. 采访
1. 高晓松图书馆介绍
2. 马来西亚的华文教育
3. 采访《别告诉她》导演王子逸
BHL 4 1. 采访
2. 演讲
3. 对话
1. 新加坡补习文化
2. 香港有关冠状病毒校医演讲
3. 有关上海和台湾垃圾分类的对话
BHL 5 1. 采访
2. 纪录片
3. 采访
1. 新加坡推广残疾人设施的成果
2. 无人机的历史与发展
3. 采访《中国女排》的观众
BHL 6 1. 视频
2. 新闻报道
3. 采访
1. 兵马俑酒店
2. 香港阿信屋
3. 斜杠青年
BHL 7 1. 采访
2. 采访
3. 发言
1. 在新加坡过中秋的新移民
2. 采访中国快递员
3. 大学生关于香港贫穷问题发言



Carol Chen, editor-in-chief, senior international school teacher, former IBDP Chinese Examiner, has more than 20 years of IB course teaching experience in Hong Kong and other places. She has authored textbooks such as "Chinese A +", "Chinese Passing", "Classic Chinese Bookshelf", "Lili Xi'an Seeking Friends", and "Small School Bags", etc.


Gloria Min, a senior Chinese teacher at the British International School. She is currently an IBDP and IGCSE Chinese examiner and has been engaged in IGCSE and IBDP Chinese teaching for many years.


Victoria Tan, a senior international school teacher. She is currently an IBDP Chinese examiner and has been teaching Chinese in international schools for more than 10 years.


Candi Du, M.S. in Chinese International Education and is currently an IBDP Chinese examiner. She has been engaged in IGCSE and IB MYP & DP Chinese teaching for many years.


Yinjuan Li, a senior international school teacher with many years of experience in teaching and designing IB courses in international schools.

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