Online Placement Test

Perfect for all NEW users

Making it much easier to assign new users to an appropriate reading level

Many teachers do not really know each student’s reading level!

iChineseReader, the award-winning and research-proven online Chinese reading program
just got even better! We launched the Online Placement Test, making it easier than ever to help assign students to an appropriate reading level in the program.
Students answer quizzes totally independently, anytime, anywhere.
It can be completed on the computer, iPad or mobile phone, and the time required is very minimal.
These features ensure students
are accessing the most developmentally appropriate reading process needed to maximize engagement and success.
Learners who are new to the program
complete their placement assessment online when they first log in and are automatically placed at the ideal starting point in the sequence of episodes based on their current reading skills.
Online Placement Test includes
customized quizzes, automated scoring, and automatic adjustments to difficultly, and others. All this makes life easier for teacher and helps manage teacher workload. Moreover, AI elements will soon be added to our assessment system for marking students’ productive skills, such as writing and speaking. As innovations go, iChineseReader is a real game-changer for teachers and students.