Online Chinese Running Records

First and only digital RR system for Chinese Programs

Accommodate unique ideographic features of Chinese

24/7 accessibility from any computer or mobile device

Use your own materials to make digital RR assessments texts
Running Records (RR) has always been recognized as a popular powerful assessment tool
for evaluating students’ reading progress. RR precisely pinpoints their error types, identifies their error patterns, and gives teacher insights into student’s reading deficiencies and learning profiles. However, as RR had been originally designed for Western alphabetic languages, it could not accommodate many of the characteristics of the ideographic Chinese language. Online Running Records in Chinese (Online RR in Chinese) is the First and Only Tailored to Chinese Language Programs.
Online RR in Chinese, not only successfully converted and retained all the original powerful RR features and functions,
it designed features to accurately identify errors unique only to the Chinese language such as errors resulting from confusion of the radicals, the four tunes, words formed with monosyllabic characters, etc.. This innovative and practical approach helps teachers trace student’s errors to the root-cause in their semantic (meaning),syntactic (structure), graphophonic (visual) cues.
Best of all, our Online RR in Chinese offers both teachers and students around-the-clock access on any device:
PC, Mac, Android and iOS in internet-enabled locations. This innovative digital approach greatly improves the traditional one on one on-site RR assessment and allows students to submit and teachers to review the RR assignments on their own schedules.
The on-site one on one administration of RR assessment is pretty time consuming.
Besides, unlike other languages, there is hardly any ready RR assessment materials and rubrics for Chinese language programs. Teachers of Chinese have to prepare, code and compile the reading materials as well as scoring mothed. To alleviate teachers’ workloads, Online RR in Chinese not only offers plenty of built-in RR assessment texts tailored to all 20 proficiency levels, teachers can also use it as a tool to incorporate their own resources and make their own digital RR assessment texts.